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Review WhatRoute 2.0 for Mac Free Download :

WhatRoute is a professional tool for Mac Operating System X. This utility is a network based app which will hep you to map the network, trace it, perform ping, Domain Name Service queries, Whois queries and monitor the traffic of your computer. WhatRoute tells you exact information as you seek using a Geo-Location service along with a geographical view of the path. 

New Features of WhatRoute 2.0 :
  1. Simple and Intuitive Interface to use.
  2. Useful in packet tracing
  3. Perform ping function efficiently.
  4. Less chance of packet data loss
  5. Display result in the bottom of the windows.
  6. Perform several functions such as trace, ping, query, finger, whois, address scan, port scan, and autonomous systems.
System Requirement for WhatRoute 2.0 :
  1. WhatRoute will work on Mac OS X 10.10 onwards

Total Size : 13 MB

Developers WhatRoute Homepage

License : Free

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