DashCam Viewer 2.5 for Mac Free Download

Review DashCam Viewer 2.5 for Mac Free Download :

DashCam Viewer 2.5 is a professional tool designed for Mac Operating System X. DashCam Viewer is a powerful, fast, and easy-to-use navigation tool which will allow you to play dashcam videos, view gps information. You can also view your position on google maps with DashCam Viewer. It will help you to run all kind of cam videos. Whether you had recorded HD videos or SD Videos, the app will automatically adjust itself and play the exact quality as recorded.

How it works : Once you install DashCam Viewer app on Mac PC. Just load it and you will be welcomed with a fresh 4 small screens where you will find all your cam videos along with GPS information and also, the google maps interface for your help.

New Features of DashCam Viewer 2.5:
  1. Simple and Intuitive Interface to use.
  2. Easy to operate. 
  3. Divided into four screens.
  4. Get yourself on Google Maps
  5. Play all kind of recorded videos.
  6. GPS information.
  7. Export portions of videos to new clips
  8. Combine multiple videos into a single video
System Requirement for DashCam Viewer:
  1. DashCam Viewer will work on Mac OS X 10.8.5 onwards

Total Size : 41.8 MB

Developers DashCam Viewer Homepage

License : Free Trial

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