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Find It 5 2017 Free Download : Are you stuffed with lot of data on your PC and can't find the relevant one in need. Well, the solution is here. FindIt is a software which helps you to find the relevant data from your PC with few clicks. You name it and findit software will try its best to fetch the data from your computer within very short span of time.Findit works very well with windows and it will scan all the network, drives connected to the PC. It will try to match the word which you have typed in the search bar. A perfect utility for the people who are bundled with loads of data. Find It 5 2017  is available for free download on

New Features of Find It :
  1. Find-it will find any file, anywhere on your disc or the entire network - with any criteria you give. Above all: it scans files for their content. You can search for multiple phrases in any desired combination using logical operators (and / or / not). Find-it will find contents in almost any file format, even when packed within a ZIP, CAB or mail attachements and even PDF. Find-it only has to pass on full text retrieval inside bitmaps (i.e. scanned documents) or mails which are stored in client databases.
  2. Finding files by their content, at ligthning speed, without prior indexing! The tool will crawl through your directories or drives with high speed. If you have some hundret GB of data and look for any file created within the last month, containing a special combination of phrases, they will be found within less than a minute. If you are able to apply further astrictions (i.e: type of file) the scan may even be finished within seconds. Even if you really have to scan all files withount any astriction like date or type even on a mediocre computer Find-it will process one gigabyte of data per Minute.
  3. Lists of found files are presented as virtual folder, looking similar to the Windows Explorer. Found files may be copied, moved, run, viewed, zipped and handled any way you want to handle them. Lists of found files can be stored for further use. Queries can be stored and repeated any time you want. Lists of found files may be searched for other criteria, exported to html or plain text.... there is merely nothing you can't do.
  4. The integrated viewer is showing the content of all files and highlights the words you were looking for. You may copy and paste citiations or even collect several citiations from different found files within a new document.
  5. If desired, Find-it will run automatically in the background. The program can be 'remote-controlled' by other applications using a script language, predefined queries can be started repeatedly (if desired: hidden) creating lists of found files or even automatically copy or move them.
Total Download Size : 4 MB

License : Free Trial ( Buy Now Full Version)

How to Install: Run the file. Follow the instructions thereon.

Developers : Find It Official Page

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