Apple Compressor for MacOSX Free Download Activation Code 2015
apple compressor for mac download

Adds power and flexibility to Final Cut Pro X encoding and exporting. Compressor adds power and flexibility to Final Cut Pro X export. Customize output settings, work faster with distributed encoding, and tap into a comprehensive set of delivery features.

New Program Feature :
  1. Create an iTunes Store Package for iTunes Store submission
  2. Easily add your movie, trailer, closed captions, and subtitles to your iTunes Store Package
  3. Preview closed captions and subtitles right in the Viewer
  4. Zoom in the Viewer to watch content with true pixel accuracy
  5. GPU rendering when using Send to Compressor with support for dual GPUs
  6. Hardware-accelerated, multi-pass H.264 encoding on compatible systems
  7. Automatic bit-rate calculation for MPEG-4 and H.264 QuickTime movie settings
  8. Display and assign channels to QuickTime audio tracks prior to processing
  9. Optional matrix stereo down-mix when processing surround sound for QuickTime output
  10. CABAC entropy mode for multi-pass encoding

Total Download Size: 360 MB

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