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Mojosoft Photo Calendar Studio 2015 Free Download Full with Serial Keygen, Activation Code

This program is to design and print calendars with your own photos.The calendar should be applied on images, their own holidays, celebrations, name and other important days.You can also design your own composition . It can be done thanks to the tools which enable us to add various elements such as figures clip-parts or striking texts. You can also calibrate pictures, so you can cut them, zoom to the view that suits you and get rid of the red-eye effect. 

New Program Features:-
  1.     Operating jpg, bmp, wmf , png ,tiff and more graphic formats
  2.     A dozen or so effects which can be used while working on all objects (text , image , backgrounds) for example: shadows, textures, sepia, gradients and others
  3.     Export to high resolution (300 DPI , 600 DPI) pdf,jpg,tiff,bmp graphics file
  4.     The appearance of the interface can be changed
  5.     Support right to left languages (like arabic,hebrew)
  6.     Support unicode
Total Download Size: 38.2 MB

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