Who.Deleted.Me: Useful Website to find who Unfriend you on Facebook
facebook unfriend find out

Are you facing sudden deletion / unfriendly events on Facebook nowadays ? Are you looking for a solution to find out those people who unfriend you ? If yes, you can find some useful tips for this problem here on keydia.

Generally, facebook does not have this functionality to monitor the people who have recently left you or unfriend you. Well you can do so, by visiting a free website - www.Who.deleted.me.

Who.deleted.me is a useful service which let you monitor new people you have added in your friend list or people who have deleted you on Facebook. This is a 3rd part web app and I have been using it for some time but I have never noticed any kind of spam message or issue with this app.
This app is easy to use and all you need to do is login with your Facebook profile and give it access to your account.  Along with finding who deleted you on Facebook, Who.deleted.me offers stats and graph, which shows how your friend number graph increased or decreased over the time.

This is one method and the another method is by using a paid iPhone app call Who deleted me. Though, this app lacks historical data but if you are an iOS user and don’t mind paying for paid app or else using Installous, you can always use this app for quick access.

Though, before you spend $0.99 for this iPhone app, I would suggest you to try the first option as it works great and over the time, you can see all the people who have unfriended you. j

I hope now you will know how to see the friends who have unfriend you recently.