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Streets of Chaos Free Download : A unique strategy/board game hybrid where you become the leader of a rising resistance in a world gripped in crime and anarchy.

New Features in this game:
- Recruit randomly generated members of your posse with 7 different stats forming their skills.
- Equip them with randomly generated weapons and armor.
- Send them on missions of various types to take over the city, commit crimes to gather cash, hire lawyers, bribe or assassinate judges, and more, all in a totally randomly generated world. No two games will EVER be the same!
- Manage a pool of 3 different resources and use them for game benefits.
- Defend your HQ against attacks from rival gangs.
- Deal with a secret, hidden enemy that throws a monkey wrench into your plans periodically. Hunt him down using your crew!
- Full orchestral music, an attractive and intuitive interface and tons of strategic options and paths to victory.

Total Download Size: 87.97 MB

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