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3DMark Vantage Pro For Windows 2014:. It is a benchmarking application, mainly developed for avid gamers who want to test their system’s performance and check if their computers meet the necessary requirements. 3DMark Vantage Advanced and Professional Editions introduce Presets, predefined combinations of visual quality settings which scale the test load and let you test everything from entry-level to high-end hardware. The output is scaled automatically if your display does not support the required resolution for each preset.

New Keys Features:
  1. Test the DirectX 10 gaming performance of your Windows PCs with 3DMark Vantage.
  2. Stunning real-time graphics push your DirectX 10 hardware to its limit.
  3. Includes two GPU graphics tests, two CPU tests and six feature tests.
  4. Four presets for testing everything from lightweight laptops to heavy-duty desktop PCs.
TOtal Size: 352.08 MB

How to Install the Software Full Version:
1. UnRAR the software in a folder.
2.Install it.
3. Go to folder and make use of our serial keymaker to register the application.
Note: Setup file looks like v1.1.3 but app itself says v1.1.2, as the website does.

Download 3DMark Vantage Full Version :