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Download WiFi Scanner for Mac OS X. This Free Software will allow you to scan your 802.11wirelss connections. Wifi Scanner is a 802.11/WiFi wireless scanner and Connection Manager for various networks. this tool will easily design, verifying and troubleshooting wi-fi coverage problems. If you need to know the signal strengh, noise, manufacturer name, mac address for your wifi, Use this Tool....

WiFi Scanner New Features : 
  1. Interface Popup Button – The app supports a multiple interface scenario, whereby the machine could have several IEEE 802.11 wireless interfaces. The popup button on the top left corner of the app allows the user to select which interface should be set as the current interface. By default, the popup button will select the primary WLAN interface for the system.
  2. Refresh Button – In the top right corner of the app, there is a push button entitled “Refresh”. This button provides different functionality depending on which tab is currently selected. If the Interface Info or Configuration tabs are selected, the button will refresh the information display in the currently selected tab. If the Scan tab is selected, the button will start a broadcast scan and block until the scan has completed.
  3. Interface Info Tab – The tab entitled “Interface Info” contains information describing the static and dynamic state of the currently selected interface. Additionally, it allows the user to toggle interface power, disconnect from the current network, and change channels.
  4. Scan Tab – The tab entitled “Scan” allows the user to scan for networks using the current interface. The scan results are shownin the table view and are automatically ordered by network name. For each network, there is several pieces of information displayed in the table row that describe that particular network.
Total Program Size: 3.97 MB

Steps to Install the Program :
1. UnRAR the software in a folder.
2. Install the software
3. Enjoy...

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