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The Bat Professional Edition”. It is a full-featured email client especially designed to meet the evolving requirements of the corporate user, bringing to the table advanced options for handling a growing volume of messages. The Bat! ensures the privacy of correspondence, protecting confidential data, as it can work without using the services of the global e-mail providers and Web interface. The Bat! protects your information using different methods, including the encryption of the message base on the hard drive and e-mail traffic encryption.

New Program Features:-
  1. Internal HTML Viewer: Internal HTML Viewer does not depend on the system’s HTML viewer and Microsoft Internet Explorer. The Bat!’s internal viewer supports hypertext language HTML 4.0 and formatting styles of CSS v2.0, ignores scripts and executable code which is the main reason of virus attacks. The Bat!’s internal HTML viewer blocks viruses that use the known HTML vulnerability of Microsoft Internet Explorer (IFRAME, Automatic Execution of Embedded MIME type and others).
  2. Safe handling of attached files: The Bat! warns users before opening the files with suspicious extensions of possible viruses, which forbids launchin certain file types. Besides this, the main advantage of The Bat! is that the user sees the real extension of attached files. If the attached file has a “double extension”, for example, photo.jpg.exe, The Bat! warns the user of it.
  3. Selective download: Selective download allows to delete messages or leave them on your POP3 server without downloading them. Selective download filters can be used for protection against viruses and unsolicited junk messages
  4. Antivirus interface: The Bat! offers integration with antivirus plug-ins, which enables scanning of the attached files for viruses and other malware.

Total Size of the Software: 27.4 MB

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