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Sony Acid Music Studio Version 10 is the ideal gateway to total music production. It’s easy—drop a beat on the timeline and dig in. Put the software to work and take advantage of all the production tools you need to make the music you’ve always wanted to hear. Keep it simple or go deep—ACID Music Studio has everything you need when you’re ready to take it to the next level. With built-in tutorials to guide you, you’ll be composing, editing, and mixing like a pro in no time—even if you’re a newcomer to the world of computer music.

New Program Features :
  1. Live tracking and overdubbing is easy in ACID Music studio. Record everything on separate tracks and take complete control of the mix.
  2. ACID Music Studio includes 3,000 Sony Sound Series loops in a wide variety of genres so you can get started making music right away. Pick the loops you like, paint them into ACID Music Studio, and get great results fast — even if you’re a newcomer to the world of computer music.
  3. ACID Music Studio includes a free one-year Indaba Music Pro membership. Remix major artists, get placements and exposure, find gigs, enter contests, and more. Indaba Music opens a wealth of opportunities for members. Includes 5GB of cloud storage space.
  4. Now you can hear your recording signal with real-time track effects, like the included Studio Devil™ British Valve Custom guitar amp.
  5. CD layout and burning is fully integrated into ACID Music Studio. Make music and burn it to CD, all within one application.
  6. Import and export a wide variety of file formats, allowing for greater flexibility in music production as well as generating all the right files Web streaming and portable players. View supported file formats.
  7. ACID Music Studio is a complete package for tracking, routing, processing, mixing, rendering, and sharing your own original music. Take full advantage of the spontaneous time and pitch controls that made ACID famous while digging in and accessing all the audio and MIDI features you’d expect in a great DAW.
  8. For remixing your favorite songs, only ACID Music Studio has the Beatmapper tool. This tool automatically finds the tempo of an entire song, making it easy to remix. You can even Beatmap songs with changing tempos and time signatures.
  9. ACID Music Studio is packed with built-in signal and effects processing tools, including élastique timestretching, EQ, reverb, delay, chorus, flange, phase, distortion, and echo. VST plug-in support opens the door to a massive world of signal and effects processing options, as well as all the best in today’s virtual instrument offerings.
Total Size of the Software: 131 MB

sony acid music studio download
How to Install the Software on Your PC Full Version:
1. First, UnRAR the software in folder .
2. Install it.
3. Apply the Crack as Admin and point the Patcher to the traget(musicstudio100.exe), if done: Start "Acid Music Studio" and select "RUN THE TRIAL...", now select "REGISTER ONLINE" and
Fill the coming Window with any Data (Name\Email etc.) - If all is done -> you get a"Thanks for registering" Message and "Acid Music Studio" start's now Full-Regged... YOU'RE DONE

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