Free PC Games to Download - Hero Returns v1.5 2014 Full PC Game Download
hero returns free full game download for pc

Hero, as befits his name, is continually compelled to rescue his beloved girlfriend, the princess, believing himself to be the only one capable of doing so. Unfortunately, every time he reaches the end of his quest and all seems well, it appears that his princess is in another castle. Explore all the levels, meet new people, escape from mystical traps and help Hero navigate all the difficulties he’ll face on his journey to rescue the princess. Plunge into a dark jungle, balloon high into the mountains and investigate the mysteries at the peak of Blessmonk Mountain. Learn what happened to the land’s former inhabitants and discover the shocking conclusion to this epic adventure!

New Game Features:
  1. 40 classic 2D levels
  2. 30 hidden object scenes and 20 puzzles.
  3. 20 characters with whom Hero must collaborate
  4. Epic and fascinating score
  5. Unique plot with an unpredictable conclusion
Total Game Size: 863MB

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