Free PC Games to Download - Downhill OMG 2 HD v2.48 2014 Full game
downhill OMG HD Game for PC Free Download Full

Downhill OMG 2 HD for Windows is a truely unique game. Mix RPG, Infinite Terrain, Up-gradable Vehicles, Up-gradable skills & a mix of potions. Throw in some enemies, make everything in the game completely randomly drop, and you have a very unusual Rogue Like Whatchamacallit named Downhill OMG! 2

New Program Features:
  1. Classless character building where you can choose to be the kind of rogue you want
  2. Seemingly unfair, untimely and unforgiving deaths which are also permanent
  3. Ways to counter these deaths by learning the game mechanics
  4. Random dungeons and encounters
  5. 24 talents to build your character with
  6. 30 spells to build your character even further
  7. 30 heritages that make your next character stronger
  8. 30 challenges to complete once you get the hang of the game
Total Game Size: 92.10 MB

How to Install the Game:
1. Unzip and unrar
2. Run 'setup.bat' to extract game data
3. Install required redistributables if necessary
4. Play

Download Full Game Here :