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3089 is a futuristic, procedurally generated, open-world action role-playing game. All terrain, enemies, weapons, items, quests & more are uniquely generated.You are a promising robotic android design, made by the Overlord, placed on planet Xax. Your performance in common combat, support & intel scenarios is being closely evaluated.

New Program Features:
  1. Limitless terrain is smoothly generated in all directions
  2. Unique quests made from individually generated task lists
  3. Weapon construction & customization based on individual parts
  4. 2-player co-op multiplayer; join up with your buddy to make a super-robot!
  5. Interesting storyline with multiple endings
  6. Cool abilities like gravity guns, time stopping, cloaking, short-range teleporting & more
  7. Unique building features that allows blocks to be placed of any size or rotation
  8. Friendly & aggressive robots that range from small to very large
  9. Varied combat scenarios mixing stealth, melee and projectile weapons
  10. Exceptional draw distance with low computer requirements
  11. Dynamic lighting & smooth day / night transitions
  12. Smooth weather system including dangerous lightning & realistic rain
Publisher: Phr00t’s Software
Developer: Phr00t’s Software
Genre: Action, Indie, RPG

3089 free download full game

How to Install the Game on Your PC:
1. UnRAR the game in a new folder with WinRAR or WinZIP
2. Run Setup.exe for install

Total Size of the Game: 56MB

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