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Free PC Games to Download - Plant Firefighter Simulator 2014 Full Game
download plant firefighter simulator free

Brief Overview :- Plant Firefighter Simulator 2014 for PC is now available for download easily and freely, Experience the exciting life of a firefighter and complete realistic missions on the grounds of an industrial company, in which you have to retrieve highly toxic or contaminated pollutants, render them harmless, distinguish burning industrial facilities and many more!

Game Features :-
  1. Experience the exciting everyday life of a firefighter on the grounds of an industrial company!
  2. Complete numerous realistic missions on the grounds of an industrial company with tank farms, hangars, steel platforms and many more.
  3. The expanded vehicle fleet and new functionalities on your vehicles now offer more realism than ever before.
  4. Destroy wreckage and obstacles such as wooden doors and cases to get to the source of fire and use the flashlight at night.
  5. Call for reinforcement units to distinguish large fires and transport injured persons.
Game Developers :-
Publisher: Rondomedia
Genre: Simulation

Total Game Size : 454 Mb 

For More Instructions, Please read the files you download.

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