Kaspersky PURE 3.0 v13 2013 Free Download with Free License Keys

kaspersky pure download

Kaspersky PURE 2013 ensures protection of your computer against all types of information threats in real time, secures your personal data from loss and unauthorized use, protects children and teenagers from threats related to computer and Internet usage, and manages the security of all computers within your home network from any single computer. Kaspersky PURE far exceeds regular PC protection. It renders your PC highly immune to cyber threats of any kind. You can trust Kaspersky PURE to protect the integrity and privacy of all your digital assets. Kaspersky PURE keeps your computer in pristine condition and gives you complete peace of mind.

Kaspersky PURE New Features:

1. My Computer Protection, which protects your computer against known and unknown threats;

2. Backup copy, which quickly restores your data if data loss occurs;

3. Data encryption, which protects your confidential information from unauthorized access;

4. Parental Control, which protects children and teenagers from threats related to computer and Internet usage;

5. Password Manager, which provides safe storing of passwords and other account data, and confidentiality while filling various authorization forms;

6. Control Center, which allows to remotely manage the security of networked computers;

7. Additional tools, which are used for optimization of the operating system settings and help execute specific tasks of providing computer security.

Total Program Size: 212 MB

How to Install :

1. Installation is as Normal.

2. After Installation, Insert the Keys...Read Carefully the .txt file.


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