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Virtual City Android Games Downlaods 2013

This game is fun, and quite
addictive, i recommend this game to anyone. If world domination is your thing,
Virtual City is a great city simulator to get you started. Build your own city
and manage it. Jobs are the lynch pin of the economy. As mayor, do everything
you can to make sure industry is running. Fuel the city’s economy by forming
transport routes and developing a public transit system. You can do much more
with this free game for android......Enjoy

Program Features:

  1. 50 Challenging Levels in 5 Settings: Colorado,
    California, Michigan, Montana, New York

  2. 18 Distinct Mission Scenarios

  3. Over 50 Types of Buildings

  4. 25 Types of Goods to Transport

  5. Trade and 7 Production Chains to Master

  6. 16 Special Achievements to Earn

  7. Tons of Upgrades and Buildings to Unlock

Total Game Size: 74.20 MB

Steps to Install the Game on Android

1. UnRAR the game in a folder.

2. Copy the game to the SDCard

3. Install with Device manager..

4. Enjoy..

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