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Capture NX v2.4.0 2013 Free Download Latest Full

nikon capture downloads free photo editor with special effects


Download Nikon Capture NX 2013 for
- This Free Tool will allow you to
easily edit your photos. it allows you to flip and rotate it, change its size
and resolution, as well as make several adjustments. Among these, you can find
setting the light, the contrast and brightness, the color balance and
saturation, as well as perform noise reduction. Nikon’s Capture NX 2 software
is a full-featured, nondestructive photo-editing program that gives
photographers all the tools they need to quickly and easily edit their

Program New Features :

  1. Full-featured photo-editing software for quick and easy
    image editing

  2. Color control points let you quickly change the colors
    of select images

  3. Automatic retouch tool for removing blemishes, dust,
    and other distractions

  4. Redesigned interface with customized workspaces and new
    image browser

  5. Supports Windows XP or Vista, 32 bit, or Mac OS 10.4.11
    or 10.5.7

Total Program Size: 102.37 MB


nikon capture 2013 download free

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