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Bean Bean Bang 2013 Android is a simple and interesting match game. It is easy to learn
but difficult to master. Bean Bean Bang has cute cartoon and lovely sound.

Program New Features:

  1. Match 5 or more beans can be eliminated.

  2. Match 6 or more beans can win extra props.

  3. Get 2 or more combos can win extra props.

  4. Shovel prop: Can remove a single bean.

  5. Wand prop: It can change any beans to a super bean.

  6. Double Arrow prop: It can switch tow beans at any

  7. Tiny Wing prop: it can take one bean to any place regardless
    of the path.

  8. Brush prop: it can paint the same color to the beans
    around it.

Total Game Size: 6.32 MB

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