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netralia vodburner download 2013 full version

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Download the Latest Version of Netralia VodBurner 2013 - It’s a handy and easy to use
application that allows you to record Skype video calls, edit and even upload
them to YouTube quickly and hassle free.VodBurner Video Call Recorder is an
add-on for Skype that allows to record video calls between two users. The
operation of this application is very simple: when a video call between two
people is established, the tool begins recording the image and sound with the
maximum quality possible.


Program Features :

  1. Record Skype video calls and create complete video
    productions from them.

  2. Capture every frame at maximum resolution for the best
    quality possible.

  3. Create MP4 or WMV files suitable for sharing with

  4. Edit the video using the built in Post-Production

  5. Alter the person(s) shown at any point (this side,
    other side or both sides).

  6. Choose any combination and order of cameras for Group
    Video Calls.

  7. Trim portions of the call so they do not appear in the
    final production.

  8. Balance the volume of the two sides of the call.

  9. Add text captions to the final production, with your
    choice of font, color and background.

  10. Add pictures to the final production.

  11. Add background music to the final production, with
    professional fading options and volume control.

  12. Add external video to the final production.

  13. Upload to YouTube for public or private sharing.

Size: 17.46 MB



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