RealVnc download 2013

RealVNC 2013 Free Download Full Version PC Softwares to Communicate on Remote Computers

RealVNC 2013, is a server and client application for the Virtual Network
Computing (VNC) protocol to control another computer’s screen remotely.
RealVNC is produced by the company RealVNC Ltd., which was founded by
the same AT&T team that created the original VNC program. Downloading of RealVNC
can be seen as a continuation of the original VNC program. RealVNC runs
on Windows, Mac OS X (Enterprise edition only), and many Unix-like
operating systems (Free & Enterprise editions only). There is also a
RealVNC client which runs on the Java platform. You can download it full version with serial key inside the folder. There are beta
versions of the Enterprise edition for Pocket PC and ‘VNC-over-HTTP’
tunnelling for Windows and Linux.

RealVNC Total Sizes: 7 Mb

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