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Fire Shattered Spear PC Version 2013 Full Games Downloads

Download Heavy Fire PC Games 2013 - Shattered Spear is the sequel to Heavy Fire: Afghanistan
that sends soldiers after a captured spy who holds the plans to a secret
Iranian nuclear weapons facility. This Game is for Low End PC with Very Minimum
System Requirements. That's Why...Every PC Can run this Game without any lag.

Heavy Fire New Features:

  1. 4 player co-op mode

  2. Online Leaderboard

  3. Sequel to Heavy Fire – Afghanistan

  4. 24 missions, 60 Trophies, Ranks, and upgrades

  5. T-Rated, super fast playing on rails shooter

About Game Developers:

  • Publisher: Mastiff

  • Developer: Teyon

  • Genre: Action

Steps to Install Heavy Fire on Your
PC and Play:

1. UnRAR the Game in a folder.

2. Mount/ Burn the game image..by
using any burning tools.

3. Install the game...and Play

4. Enjoy...

Total Game Size: 1.3 GB

heavy fire pc game

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